Upload To Multiple Sites At Once

Just select which sites and accounts you want to upload to. Like splitting your art between accounts on a single site? Add all the accounts and select which you want for each upload.

Automatically Convert Descriptions

It handles converting Markdown into the format the site you're uploading to uses. You don't have to think about which site uses Markdown, BBCode, or HTML. Write the description once and it automatically converts it! It even handles user links so you can have it show profile pictures on FurAffinity while still working on other sites.

A Security First Approach

All of your site credentials are fully encrypted using your own password. Even if the server was compromised, your information is safe.

To make sure nothing gets in the way of the site or your privacy, there are no ads or tracking scripts.

Save Uploads For Later

Want to get a bunch of submissions ready to go without submitting them yet? Upload them and save it for later. When you're ready, just click submit.

Submission Groups

Sort your pending submissions into groups and post entire groups at once. Useful for managing many submissions you want to post.

Linked Groups

Upload up to 4 images that are posted as a single submission on Inkbunny, Tumblr, and Twitter but create 4 submissions on other sites.

Twitter Posts

Create posts on Twitter with links to one or many sites. Great if you want to allow followers to view more details on their preferred site.

Description Templates

Reuse the same set of footers in your submissions? Create a template to make adding the same content easy.

ZIP Uploads

Create a ZIP with your artwork and a spreadsheet of information to easily upload in bulk. You can go through the submissions, fix up anything that needs changing, and submit it all.

And more!

New features are continually being added with input from artists already using the site. You can see some of the history of new features in the Telegram channel.

Want to see your idea for a feature here? Send me an email or Telegram message with your thoughts!

Site Specific Features

Site Name Image Uploads Linked Groups Folders